Two Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Important in 2022

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Summer is around the corner and you are ready for an adventure. With borders opening up and tourism booming once again, many of us are dying to pack our bags and escape. Countries all over the world are relaxing both their domestic and cross-border measures. If you’ve waited for over two years to satisfy your wanderlust, the time has finally come. 


Currently, over 180 countries are open to fully vaccinated Singapore tourists, quarantine-free. These include popular destinations like Bali, Seoul, Tokyo, and London. You can enjoy the rice fields of Indonesia and the lines of stores at Myeongdong once more. 


Yet, it is important to note that travel insurance now is more important than ever. It may be easy to forget that the coronavirus is still present and can affect your travel plans. COVID-19 is quite real, and being prepared for it is always a wise choice.


So, here are two ways travel insurance can help you have a fun and relaxing vacation this summer.


First, tourists who test positive for COVID-19 in mandatory pre-arrival tests are not allowed to enter many countries. Flights, accommodations, and all pre-booked plans will need to be canceled. Your entire holiday will go down the drain. Furthermore, without travel insurance, it is unlikely that you will be reimbursed.


On the other hand, with travel insurance, you are safely covered from these costs. While you’ll still unfortunately be stuck at home, most travel insurers will protect you from unnecessary damage due to this unforeseen circumstance.


What’s worse, if you catch COVID-19 after you’re overseas, the medical expenses can be high. Especially considering that you’ll be a foreigner, quarantine costs and hospital check ups will hit you hard. This is the second reason why travel insurance will serve you well.


Travel insurance makes sure that there will be no stress on your wallet if you catch the virus. It covers quarantine costs, medical expenses, and even emergency evacuations in the event you may need one. Travel insurance gives you an extra helping hand. Given the unpredictability of the situation, you might never know when you need it. 


The NTUC Income Travel Insurance is one of the best on the market for any COVID-19 related coverage. The plan reimburses up to S$2,000 for any cancellations or postponements due to the coronavirus. They also cover medical expenses overseas, providing up to S$150,000 of benefits. 


Another option you can consider is the Allianz Travel Insurance. It boasts an above average value for money while covering medical and trip inconveniences due to coronavirus. There are multiple tiers for you to choose from depending on your needs and priorities. There is a lot to be gained from these plans, so we recommend doing your research to find the best one.


For more information on the travel insurance plans mentioned above and many more, head on over to our website here


So, if you’ve finished planning your trip and are hyped up for your holiday, we encourage you to take a few minutes to quickly secure insurance for you and your loved ones. Have a wonderful time on your trip. Most importantly, stay safe and stress-free.