Does Your Car Insurance Plan Offer Comprehensive Coverage?


car on road


Owning a car in Singapore is undoubtedly expensive, so it is even more essential to have a comprehensive car insurance plan which can offer you the widest and most comprehensive protection and coverage in order to protect your own safety and wellbeing, as well as your financials as well, in the event of any accidents. 


How do you know if your Singapore car insurance plan has widespread coverage and can protect you sufficiently? With so many factors to take into account, it can be challenging to do so. Now, let us go through some of the benefits and coverage offered by some Singapore car insurers so that you can evaluate which car insurance plan is the most suitable for you. 


  1. Windscreen/Window Damage 


This is one of the most important coverages that every car insurance plan offers, and some of the car insurance plans even offer unlimited benefit limits for this. 


  1. Personal Accident and Medical Coverage


Personal accident and medical coverage could differ greatly from plan to plan, because some plans only cover for the main driver of the vehicle. Regardless, it is definitely a very important aspect of every car insurance plan because it directly involves your safety and could help to take care of your healthcare bills in the event of any accidents. 


  1. Towing 


If you meet with any accident or your car has stalled for some reason, your car may need to be towed off. Some car insurance plans, for example, Budget Direct Insurance, even covers for tihs towing expense, so that you do not have to fork out too much out of your own pocket in the case of such emergencies. 


  1. Temporary Transport


Should your car be involved in an accident, causing damages requiring workshop repair, you would not be able to drive your car for at least a short period of time. In this case, you would need to look for alternative modes of transport in order to go to work or school. Look out for car insurance providers which cover for temporary transport. Many of them would likely give a daily allowance so you can feel free to either rent a car, take public transport or Grab to work if that is more convenient for you. 


  1. Young Driver Excess and Inexperienced Driver Excess 


For young and inexperienced drivers, there are excesses provided as part of your benefits and coverage. 


After you know about the above benefits and coverages offered by the car insurance providers in Singapore, you may be better equipped with the knowledge to purchase a car insurance plan that is the most suitable for you and your needs. Protect yourself now with a quality car insurance plan that will bring a peace of mind to your and your family. Our analysts have scoured through the web to find the best car insurance policies in Singapore for you to protect yourself while on the road, so feel free to read through our comprehensive guides, reviews and advice on how to choose the best car insurance policy for yourself today!